Enter the Snooker Handicap 2021 - here's how

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In line with latest Govt guidelines and WPBSA guidelines for re-opening indoor venues, the club re-opened on Monday 17 May. 2021.
All members must continue to observe the Covid-19 rules and protocols and maintain social distancing inside the club.
Welcome back to all our members and guests.

Pandemic specific rules:

• Signing in is mandatory and required by Law.
• All members must maintain social distancing at all times.
• Continue to use hand sanitiser before play.
• Use the wipes provided to clean table rails, rests, extensions & cues before starting play.
• Ensure for yourself that your equipment and playing area are clean and safe.
• Committee members carry out anti-Covid cleaning measures throughout the premises on a daily basis.

Anyone wishing to become a member, can email us to ask to go on the waiting list.

In order to re-open, and to keep the club and our members safe, the club complied with updated Govt. guidelines on re-opening small sports venues.
We've also had invaluable and practical guidance from WPBSA/EPSB in compiling a risk assessment for the club, which included the following:

• Hand sanitiser dispenser fitted in the entrance lobby YES
• Hand sanitiser dispenser at each table. YES
• Anti-bac wipes at each table. YES
• Paper towel dispensers fitted in both Ladies & Gents toilets YES
• Paper towel dispenser fitted in kitchen area. YES
• Cue towel and tea towels removed from kitchen area. YES
• In-house cues removed from racks until further notice YES
• Covid-19 signage throughout the premises. YES
• Committee volunteers to maintain daily cleaning and ventilating of the club and establish cleaning rota YES

All the above boxes were ticked. This remains the case.

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The Annunciation Snooker Club is a proud member of the WPBSA/EPSB 147 Club


Thanks to all for keeping the club alive by renewing your membership.

Existing membership fees will be honoured, no paid up members will lose out. However many months the club has lost to the pandemic will be honoured, for example. if we lose 6 months, out of the year, paid up membership will be extended by 6 months.
Check here for updates or contact us by email.

The Committee would like to thank all members for their continued support of the club during these unprecedented times.
We hope to see you back on the baize soon.
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