Early days

Formed in the late 1950’s as a Men’s Club for billiards and snooker players, and formally known as St. Peter’s Club and the PDSA Club. They amalgamated and emerged as the Annunciation Snooker Club. In 1999 St. Annes’s Club also amalgamated, they were in George Street, Kemp Town. They all moved from their original locations to the present base at 88A Coleman Street.

The building is owned by the Diocese of the Church of the Annunciation, the church in Washington Street. The club is run by a Committee of eight members, with the Vicar of the Church of the Annunciation as the President.

There is a plaque on the wall in the club, honouring locals who fought and died in World War 1. There are also Honours boards for the winners of the in-house snooker and billiards competitions, dating back as far as 1958.
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Modernising the club

The club went through a particularly tough period in the late 1990’s when it was plagued by petty theft, tampering and stealing from the table meters and membership falling to a new low. In-house competitions went by the by and the club could easily have gone to the wall, like so many other snooker clubs at that time. With the arrival of the club’s current secretary, Don Penalver, around 2004, all that was about to change.

Don almost single-handedly set about restructuring the club, changing the whole ethos of the place to one that is now open and inclusive. He also initiated a drive to improve membership numbers. With great success.
The introduction of CCTV during Don’s tenure enabled the club to operate on a basis of trust, in the belief that most snooker and billiards players are mature enough to appreciate the excellent facilities and will not abuse them. CCTV, while not initially popular with members, was really the only option, as no way could the club afford to pay wages to a caretaker or steward to police the club.

In the last couple of years the Committee has been refreshed with some younger faces, taking part in decision making on the best ways of running and maintaining a viable snooker club. These duties are shared by Committee members, on a purely voluntary basis.

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Modernising the club (cont)

Happily most players now accept that being on camera can also be to your advantage, as it’s possible to download footage of that century break if it actually happens (ask a Committee member and provide a memory stick).

In line with its modernising approach, the club installed Wi-Fi, which is free to all members.

We’d like to think we’ve moved the club on in many ways from the dark days of the 1990’s when an officious Committee directive went out to all members:
it has been brought to the Committee’s attention that a young lady was seen playing on the tables. This must NOT happen again…
• While it’s true we only have two female members currently, who knows in the future? The club is part of the community and anyone’s welcome regardless of age, race, religion or gender.

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